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 Post subject: Autodraw rule definition.
 Post Posted: Thu Oct 24, 2013 5:28 am 
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Recently I was working on clarifying Autodraw rule to new players (by showing message in battle log when you autodrawn card and why this happened) and I faced next problem: there is no clear definition of "card that gives you domain" mentioned there http://thefarwilds.com/wiki/index.php/Autodraw .
In fact here is how it works now: every card's logic have special check that makes this card to be autodraw as domain giver, but the problem is that not all cards have it.
I thought about that rule as something like "constantly gives domain with passive ability", but it is wrong in some cases.
Here are most questionable cards:
Quorum Stone - Autodraws (gives domain when two creatures are adjacent). In fact this card might screw you more often than help you.
Temple of the Skull - Autodraws (gives domain until end of round by using car'd ability). I guess it was made so to make this card not so useless and in fact this is only card that autodraws, but don't have passive domain giving ability.

And here are few examples to think about:
Fairy Emissary,Sphere of Radiance - not Autodraws, but it's activated ability is not a big difference to Temple of the Skull.
Glimpse of Greatness - not Autodraws, even though it constantly gives you domain.

When I started this investigation I though that I just need to "fix" Temple of the Skull to make it not autodraw, but now I'm not sure what autodraw is.
On of the ways to make everything clear is to add "Autodraw" keyword (or something like that) to all cards that autodraws, but why I dislike this is because Autodraw always was part of rules, but not property of cards and also because having more keywords in each card makes it's description more complex and scary to new player. Oh, and don't forget that all bases need this keyword as well.

So... What do you think about Autodraw rule and how this is supposed to work and be described?

P.S. Found good topic with thoughts about mentioned cards and autodraw viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2109

 Post subject: Re: Autodraw rule definition.
 Post Posted: Thu Dec 26, 2013 10:29 am 

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No need to over complicate things. The card pool is small enough that there's no need to have a generalized rule. Just a list. "Some cards that provide domain are automatically drawn when their domain is needed. They are..."

Then you can tweak which cards are autodrawn and which aren't for game play and balance. Trade routes is a great candidate for nerfing by making it not auto draw.

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