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Author:  Altren [ Tue Jun 11, 2013 12:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Change Log

  • Client, browser and server overall performance improved.

  • Fixed incorrect count of players online displayed.
  • Fixed empty menus of the right lobby panel (‘Battle Tree’) incorrectly hidden.
  • Fixed flash exception on re-login caused by Scenarios Screen.
  • Fixed card filters in detail view not updated whenever “Own…” filter is changed.
  • Fixed tooltips and availability of the main lobby buttons for guests and 0 win players.
  • Fixed automatic rejection of Challenges when a battle tab is opened.
  • Fixed cards descriptions overlapping cards borders.
  • Fixed cards descriptions using too small font (e.g. Possession).
  • Fixed further minor glitches.
  • Added popup window with new phantoms cards (same as real cards) rather than as a chat message.
  • Added custom progress bar while loading.
  • Added entrance fee information to the “Join [tournament]” buttons.
  • Added various missing tooltips.
  • Removed button for printing domain icons in the chat.

  • Added ignore phantoms option now suppresses new phantom cards pop-up from appearing.
  • Added possibility to select non-creature card as an user avatar.
  • Fixed Borderlands cards icons in avatar selection not displayed.
  • Added "Tab" hot key info.

  • Fixed mouse cursor not changing to a resizing cursor when over borders.
  • Fixed Cyrillic and other characters replaced with question marks.
  • 3d resources repacked to decrease their size and increase loading speed.
It is recommended to download newest installer and reinstall the game rather than simply updating it, as most of the game files were changed.

Browser version:
  • [server] Port 843 is no longer needed to connect.
  • [server] Connection port changed from 6001 to 8080 (less likely to be blocked by firewall).
  • Rendered quality of models improved.

  • [Forest Fire]: ability to enchant the same space twice fixed.
  • [Woven Shadows]: description updated: “put a creature (…) that you have the domain requirements for…”.
  • [Flux Well]: icon {Flux,1} added into description.

  • Fixed bug with the left bottom corner (0,0 space) becoming unfogged.
  • Fixed AI overbuilding when playing other than Dark Legion domains.
  • Fixed Borderlands cards icons in enchantments and taken permanents lists not displayed.
  • Added message about cancelled cards and abilities into the log (e.g. by Dew Mogi, Anti-Magic Shell or Valley Fog).

  • Fixed possibility to create a custom ranked game with AI (supposed to be practice games).
  • Fixed probability of an Odd card in pack (from 18% to 10%).

  • ’Angelscript’ updated to 2.26.2
  • Fixed option to save progress in scenarios for Guests (linked to the Guest’s ID).

  • Links style changed (more common style).

Author:  Altren [ Thu Jul 04, 2013 11:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Change Log

  • Added option to select new phantoms domain, that domain is used whenever phantom card is given.
  • Added Phantom filter to Army tab; now it is possible to: show Phantom cards, show only Phantom, or hide Phantom cards.
  • Added option to purchase Phantom Pack (150 Acorns) and Phantom cards (at latest Market price, in acorns).
  • Added daily and weekly Acorn reward for winning games: 5 wins/day = 20 acorns, 25 wins/week = 140 acorns. (Planned gold reward for weekly wins).
  • Added option to sell cards to the server when there are no bids on the Market (1g for Common, 5g for Uncommon and Odd, 20g for Rare), maximum 5 cards per day.

  • Display "Watch" button instead of "Join" for tournaments when minimum-wins restriction prevents you from playing.
  • Display first new card instead of blank card in new cards popup.
  • Display fog instead of blank card in battle screen at start.
  • Display "End Turn" instead of "Pass" when pressing it would cause the turn to end.
  • Filter bar is always expanded now and filters display names on mouseover.
  • Improved card buying dialog in market.
  • Slightly improved gold indicator layout, added tooltips.
  • Fixed "Your Army is set." being displayed in tournament even when you can't select an army due to wins limit.
  • Fixed issue of text tags not ignoring spaces (e.g. both {C,Lysis} and {C, Lysis} work now).
  • Fixed games against AI being displayed as two games in battles list.
  • Fixed "Betting Action!" being displayed for invalid bets (zero or negative values).

Browser version:
  • Added option to disable hex grid display.
  • Improved battle-terrain quality.
  • Improved controlled-territory display.
  • Improved target-hex action-selection markers.
  • Fixed negative vision and range circles being displayed.

Client version:
  • Improved icon quality.

  • Reveal hand to all allies in team battles.
  • Added option to reveal hand and map vision to watchers.
  • Fixed issue with Warren not autodrawing.
  • Fixed issue with team battles not revealing map properly to watchers.
  • Fixed Pass All + Unpass All allowing a player to act when the round should have ended.

  • Added Handicap scenario, which allows flux-per-round and glory-per-round handicaps to be set for each player.
  • Fixed issue with the "void fogMap()" script command not obscuring map to watchers.

  • Added regular cleanup of invalid market Asks and Bids (every 24 hours).
  • Fixed issue with tournaments closing when last player leaves before tournament start (Expert Clash and Beginners Clash will no longer disappear).
  • Fixed issue with default tournaments (Free Draft, Free Sealed, Zwar Gokken, etc.) closing and not re-spawning.
  • Fixed issue allowing Warrens and Imperial Keeps to be traded.

Author:  Altren [ Wed Jul 24, 2013 8:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Change Log

  • There are now rewards for winning battles and playing campaigns. For more details visit
  • All tournament games now give the same rewards as constructed games.
  • Bug fix: the window showing the player's hand isn't visible outside the battle screen anymore.
  • Bug fix: cards sometimes got sold to the server when the player was trying to buy them in the market. This is now fixed.

  • There will now be a pop-up window whenever you receive acorns, gold or cards, listing what you got and explaining why you got it if necessary.
  • A pop-up window with game info is now displayed upon reaching 1, 5, 10, 30 or 50 total wins.
  • Added an effect for gaining Glory (displayed on top of the number showing the amount of glory).
  • Keywords with spaces (e.g. Battle Ready) are now displayed correctly.
  • The big domain icons in the options menu were updated.
  • Bug fix: trying to sell a card to the server sometimes gave a message saying the card was sold, even though selling was not possible (due to daily limit on selling cards to server having been reached). This is now fixed.

  • Game and Launcher icons should look better now.
  • In the battle screen, hexes being targeted are now more accurately outlined.

  • Fixed a typo in Long Root Elm's description.
  • Clarified Shield of Faith's description: now the word minus is used instead of '-'.

  • Dark Legion and Mountain Folk campaigns were added.
  • Various fixes and minor improvements were made to the tutorial and the Sylvan campaign.

Author:  Altren [ Sat Aug 17, 2013 2:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Change Log

  • The smarter version of the AI is now used everywhere when you select the higher difficulty ("normal" in browser and "hard" in downloadable client). Previously the browser version of the game used this version only in scenarios, while the downloadable client did so everywhere.
  • You can now take a screenshot by pressing the F12 key in game. The resulting picture will be saved in the game folder when using the downloadable client or in a folder of your choosing when using the browser version.
  • The default decks were changed. They are now built from cards used in the campaigns.
  • Ranked games can now be started only with default settings (map size, flux, glory goal, etc.) and 2, 3 or 4 players.
  • The loading time of scenarios with many figures at start was reduced greatly (some from 15 to 1-2 seconds).
  • There is now a fee of 30 acorns for the Expert Clash.
  • A referrer being passed in an URL now works correctly ( ... ref=Altren would open account creation with "Altren" as refferer)

  • The words "gold" and "acorns" were replaced with images of gold and acorns.
  • The private chat box is now resizeable.
  • The box containing another player's hand (when some special power lets you see it, or when you are observing a battle) is now resizeable.
  • The big card picture in the Army and Market tabs does not run away from your mouse so fast anymore (there is now a half a second delay which is enough to move mouse pointer over it).
  • The numbers indicating how many you own of each card are now updated instantly in the market whenever a card is bought or sold. (There was a bug causing them not to update.)
  • Font size 9 is no longer used with resolutions lower than 1024 x 600 except in main chat and the lobby's battle list.
  • A text explaining ladder rewards was added.
  • The Army, Market and Scenarios tabs now show "You need to create an account" for Guest users.
  • A rare flash exception happening when some tournaments closed is now fixed.
  • The acorn costs were removed from user scenarios.
  • A mute button was added to options and icons used in the options menu were updated.
  • The text of the big button for joining the Expert Clash was fixed.
  • There is now a tooltip displaying the contents of a hex in battle. It appears when hovering over a hex.
  • The scenarios' dialogue boxes were moved to the center of the screen.
  • Instead of disabling buttons, a window for purchasing gold will be opened when the player doesn't have enough gold for a task.
  • Now a sound will be played whenever a clash (tournament) is created.
  • The windows related to fees were improved (added proper fee icons & changed layout).
  • The pop-up windows that show the fees and prizes of a tournament now display the currency of the fee as well (whether it's acorns or gold).
  • Some refinements were made to the market interface:
    - Enter key now changes price.
    - "Gold" column was removed and current price is displayed in the edit box instead.
    - Added an icon for gold.
    - Added a "Buying and Selling" tab.
  • The pop-up user interface related to a given card in the market was improved (you can now change/remove all your offers related to a card in this window).

Browser version:
  • Single space enchantments are now placed in the bottom middle of a hex instead of bottom left (less likely to be hidden by figures).
  • The small button near a hex, showing its tooltip was removed (browser version only).
  • The vision of figures you are about to cast is displayed again.
  • The delay with territory outline being updated that had appeared after the previous update is now fixed.

  • The autodraw was fixed to properly give you a domain card for casting 4+ domain level cards like Athal the Horrible and Rithig, Titan Pariah.
  • A bug with creatures not being properly destroyed after some spells was fixed.

  • A few minor cards description issues were fixed.

  • Many server side optimizations were made for battles, the AI and Scenarios.

  • There were various fixes and changes to texts in all campaigns.

  • The flash header on the main page was fixed (now correctly displayed on all popular web browsers and when zoomed).

Author:  Altren [ Fri Aug 23, 2013 3:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Change Log

  • Game is less likely to disconnect now.

  • Latency display UI element added.
  • Autologin checkbox added, works after 5 seconds on startup and on disconnect (only one attempt in such case).
  • Registration for players logged in as guest was improved (now properly open login window instead of reloading page).

  • Refund fee from EC if only one player joined.

  • Second Unstable Reality in play no longer does nothing.

Author:  Altren [ Tue Nov 12, 2013 8:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Change Log

  • Login screen remade from scratch.
  • Lobby screen remade from scratch.
  • Store remade from scratch.
  • Improve UI and tool-tips for players logged in as Guests.
  • Update Scenarios screen.
  • Improve ping/latency display control.
  • Open last selected deck in Army tab instead of first by default.
  • Save battles, tournaments and scenarios categories collapsed/expanded state between logins.
  • Improve OK/Cancel buttons in various dialog windows.
  • Improve Ladder score tool-tip, show it after small delay.
  • Make "" prefix optional for links in chat, so it is possible to write {l,/forum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=2251,Changelog} instead of {l,,Changelog}.
  • Increase chat history size to 10 messages (when chat was closed and opened again).
  • Fix screenshots hotkey (F12) not working with popup windows.
  • Place all info boxes (mostly in scenarios) in left top corner instead of various positions near target it is describing.
  • Various fonts and colors improvements to use same colors and sizes in all places.

  • Fix click on battle tooltip being processed as doubleclick, causing things as no direction selection in melee attacks.
  • Remove terrain quality option, always use high quality terrain.
  • Fix Soul Plague and may be other cards causing client have invalid fog state (can't see and do actions in spaces that are actually revealed).
  • Play death animation when it is supposed to be played (previously unit was simply removed in some cases).

  • Allow to play cards and abilities with X=0 (previously was possible only when you had 0 flux).
  • Make Construction Site description a bit more accurate.
  • Properly display images and icons for corpses, ruins and construction sites for 2nd set cards (all those were empty).
  • Display real Construction Site cost instead of 0.
  • New round message is sent before other start of round events (this prevents from some start of round or AI actions being displayed as previous round messages).
  • When game is over new round events do not happen.

  • Fix Veridic Messenger: no longer can target self with ability.
  • Fix Ley Displacement: no longer can target same space where space enchantment was.
  • Fix Reroute: no longer can target same space where Flux Well was.
  • Add Sinkhole message, that it can't target same building twice.
  • Fix Abrixian Sparker message why it can't target dimmed figure (was displayed twice).
  • Cards and abilities that move (teleport) figures as close as possible to target space no longer move them if they are already at minimum distance.
    (Gunnr Valkyrie, Tentacles of Lycaron, Recall, Xastur's Ball, Draknor's Chain). All this cards now use same logic for moving figures.
  • Fix Direwood and Peasant Army spawn creatures dimmed even when it was caused by moved Cinder Mogi and creature was spawned in it's new sight

  • Added system for monitoring and restarting browser version server side services, so browser version won't be unavailable like it was from time to time for a few or several hours.
  • Fix Drafts and Sealeds info sent when player relogin: fixed remaining time, fixed draft not allowing to build deck
  • Close all tournaments when they are empty except tournaments with autostart such as Expert Clash and Beginners Clash.

  • Split tutorial into two parts. New rewards are 30 acorns for 1st part and 10 gold for second.
  • Minor fixes in all campaigns.


Author:  Altren [ Tue Nov 12, 2013 8:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Change Log

  • New Battle interface.
  • Highlight when Any/Similar player is waiting in queue.
  • Fixed domain League prize pool display.
  • Improve layout for deck building in Leagues.
  • Improve layout for deck building in Drafts/Sealeds (more compact and accurate).
  • Improve trade screen layout.
  • Highlight number of players when tournament have more than 0 players.
  • Added toolTip with short description for phantom cards in Army.
  • Added possibility to lock battle terrain zoom and pan through options.
  • Now player status display last action or pass as it's last action (never both).
  • Whenever player cycle card it is immediately displayed in battle status (previously it was displayed only after turn change).
  • Fixed glory gain effect being played at bettle start.
  • Added button to ban/unban spectators.
  • Added unreveal functionality (to undo revealing everything to spectators).
  • Make "Gives <icon> Domain." description in domain giving cards fit in one line.
  • Display "Login as Guest" instead of "Login" when user name is "Guest".
  • Fixed mulligan button being displayed after player reconnect to game and did no actions this round.
  • Fixed mulligan button being displayed in battle draft.
  • Sligtly improve various popup dialogs interface.
  • Replace Chaos -> Hordes of Chaos in domain league add pack selection.
  • Remove debug messages from guild chat when player is not in guild.
  • Slightly increase description field size (now many cards use bigger fonts).
  • Better icons layout on big card (for counters, enchantments, zzz icon, etc.).
  • Disable Pass All at start of round for a short time to avoid accident pass all in new round instead of unpass all in previois.
  • Add shadow to big messages in battle, also place them in the middle of battle area, not in the middle of screen.
  • Make big battle messages ignore mouse (now possible to click through).
  • Better world enchants layout.
  • Highlight glory when someone is about to win.
  • Make all battle dialogs close on Escape.
  • Fixed battle dialogs bugs with state not changing back from target selection.
  • Added white shadow to cards descriptions for better readability.
  • Fixed possibility to move login screen :).

Browser version:
  • Improved battle terrain auto-fitting.
  • Prevent possibility to drag battle terrain away from screen.
  • Decrease client size (from 6Mb to 4.5Mb).
  • Display why you can't do action over fogged tiles as well.
  • Display proper mouse cursor over fogged tiles.
  • Added missing Kaikias figure image.

  • Improved battle terrain auto-fitting.
  • Prevent possibility to drag battle terrain away from screen.
  • Fixed map being panned even after mouse was released.
  • Fixed corpses being displayed as unknown corpse in battle.
  • Fixed invalid mouse click event call when dragging or resizing window (was causing to open tabs after window is moved and some other odd effects).
  • Enable Anti-aliasing.

  • Added battle log message about autodrawn cards.
  • Added "Your are decked." battle log message.
  • Added "Passed." action battle log message (to make it easier to understand turns and rounds system).
  • Added "All players passed." battle log message (to clarify why new round started).
  • Added battle log message when player cycle card.
  • Fixed moving into darkness causing figure to not move and dim when space and adjacent spaces are unreachable (it is still possible to dim without moving when farthest you can move is nowhere and this is intended behavior).
  • Attacking from darkness would cause creature move there without attacking if target direction of attack is unreachable.
  • Cycle is stored on server, so it is no longer displayed as possible to cycle after reconnect when you already cycled this round.
  • Fixed Stalking Spirit respawning if it was killed on his spawn point while being aloft.
  • Fixed Griblarnock not giving flux while aloft.
  • Fixed "Could not use <figure>" message when trying to move aloft figure to the space where it already is.
  • Fixed "Could not use Carrion Feeder" message when trying to eat corpse under it.
  • Fixed Crypt Doctor being able to sacrifice and heal same creature.
  • Fixed Celestial Imperium domain not being displayed on card like Astridian Diplomat, Glimpse of Greatness, Fairy Emissary.
  • Battle Draft no longer draw 15 cards at start.
  • Battle Draft draw card up to 14 when necessary instead of 1 card per turn.
  • Fixed possibility to cycle in battle draft.
  • Battle Draft properly display when and who can cycle.
  • Battle Draft properly disable mulligan button for all players.
  • Mulligan is displayed like action in battle log, not like chat message.
  • Do not display "Round 1." message after relogin, especially when it is not round 1.
  • Fixed game being stuck for player if invalid pass all action was sent.
  • Prevent possibility to discard more than once per round on server side.
  • Fixed bug when AI not playing after player reconnect to game.
  • Ban Ord Stone in Battle Draft format.

  • Better wording for cards and in-game texts related to Health, Max Health. Use "Max Health" where necessary.
  • Capitalized token name and lower case for "token" word.
  • Fixed some other cards wording.
  • Added blue "Entity" keyword in-place of Entity word in all cards where it was missing (Negate, Decay, Arcane Adjustment, Unstable Reality).
  • Reword Vampiric Manticore: can't be damaged -> can't take dame (to make it same as Tortured Ghost).
  • Added clarifying text to Sphere of Radiance, Temple of the Skull and Furnace of Gibil about possibility to use ability more than once per round.
  • Slightly simplify longest cards descriptions.

  • Better tutorial help message about dim.
  • Fixed impassable Dark Legion campaign missions.
  • Improved texts in all campaigns.
  • Various minor fixes.

  • Website pages size decreased.
  • New screenshots.

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