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Author:  Altren [ Sun May 15, 2011 12:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Change Log

This thread is changelog with content of all notable game updates that were made since takeover.

  • New lobby interface
  • Scenarios tab added (not finished yet)
  • Kingdoms and Raids removed
  • Login window slightly improved
  • Tooltip for Constructed and Limited ratings is shown in player's description
  • Icon near "Your army is set" in EC added (helps to notice if you forgot to select deck or it wasn't accepted)

  • Tutorial improved (fixed few minor bugs and removed attrition, because it makes tutorial too hard)

  • fixed The Hunger: disabling and then enabling it healed the creature again
  • fixed Drake Lair: disabling did not return control to the player
  • fixed Pass and then Pass All/Unpass All letting player to act even after opponent has passed

  • website icon added
  • forum avatar gallery added (see "Edit avatar" page of your Profile options)
  • fixed forum search (was giving errors from time to time)
  • fixed forum emailing (e.g. on password reset)
  • fixed Wiki display (was returning empty pages after login)

  • much faster decks loading (was taking up to few minutes for players with many decks)

Author:  Altren [ Tue May 17, 2011 8:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Change Log

Fixed Ice Sheet: was grounding aloft figures.

Author:  Altren [ Fri May 20, 2011 1:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Change Log

Lobby bug should be fixed now. Please report if there are any connection issues.

Author:  Altren [ Wed Jun 08, 2011 9:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Change Log

Browser version:
  • Fixed the bug resulting in players never logging off from browser version (aka "lobby bug").
  • Various fixes related to connection issues in browser version when players wasn't able to log in.

  • Possibility added to set minimum/maximum win limits for joining (no interface in game client yet).
  • Possibility added to use acorns as a fee (no interface in game client yet).

  • Style of all default interface elements changed.
  • Default font size increased a bit.
  • Campaigns panel prototype added to scenarios tab.
  • "Create Scenario" and "Scripting Info" buttons added.
  • Resign and Pause buttons moved from options to battle interface.
  • Hot-keys tab added in options.
  • Buying/Selling tabs interface changed.
  • Way of displaying battle IDs changed (was starting from 50000, now from 1).
  • Wait battle screen interface slightly improved (bigger fonts, more info).
  • Rarity icons updated.
  • Cycle window size increased (7 cards instead of 6).
  • "Deck limits" button added in army tab and draft/sealed tournament interfaces.
  • Player status panel changed in small interface.
  • A lot of small cosmetic changes in various places.

  • Sleep property fixed (wasn't working when creature got sleep tokens in same round right after it lost Sleep).
  • Reinforcements casting messages fixed (was "Select a Creature You Control." instead of "Select location.")

  • Sylvan campaign beta version implemented.
  • Minor changes in tutorial campaign.

  • Many server-side changes and optimisations related to database: should fix most problems when users were not getting requested data due to database hang:
  • - had no cards after login;
  • - empty market or empty buying/selling history;
  • - some other things.

Author:  Altren [ Sat Jun 11, 2011 6:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Change Log

  • Fixed Trade screen.
  • Fixed Options.
  • Few small size and position changes.

Author:  Altren [ Tue Jun 14, 2011 12:20 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Change Log

Fixed Expert Clash prizes. I sent gold to winners manually. Please contact me in game or PM if you haven't got gold yet.

Author:  Altren [ Wed Jun 15, 2011 3:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Change Log

Expert Clash is every 6 hours now, and always created in same time:
UTC: 0:30 6:30 12:30 18:30
EST: 1:30 7:30 13:30 19:30

Also new tournament - Beginners Clash for players with less than 200 wins and 10g prize pool (one hour before EC):
UTC: 23:30 5:30 11:30 17:30
EST: 0:30 6:30 12:30 18:30

Author:  Altren [ Fri Aug 05, 2011 2:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Change Log

Sorry for a long delay in updating this changelog. Here's list of updates, with some old not listed here changes from previous update.

  • Changed order of messages about gold fee and wins limit (about not enough wins first and only then about not enough gold).
  • Fixed joining tournaments with not enough/too many wins. Now you can watch them (previously you was unable to enter at all).
  • Battles no longer close when you click Resign, so you can see whole map as before.
  • Fixed flux cost display in some cards' descriptions.
  • Fixed guilds tab displaying random messages when you are not in guild.
  • Fixed scenarios list display.
  • New big "Join" button for joining Clashes.
  • Fixed some texts in the store.
  • Fixed keywords like {A,Ability} and most other keywords (weren't working in battle chat).
  • Added {Message} tag with tool-tip into game chat and other rich text controls.
  • Fixed hand in small interface: you can see all 7 cards in hand without scrolling.
  • Added a help button with links to additional information about game.
  • Fixed Sealed Domain Keep Cards: prizes display, proper tournament section and proper description ("Domain Sealed" instead of "Tournament")
  • Many other minor position or size changes in interface.
  • Fixed text in the tutorial: "gain 2 glory at start of round" (was "end of round")
  • Ctrl + Space hot-key instead of Ctrl + ` for Pass action.
Wins limits for new players. Now you need to have at least some fixed amount of wins.
Non-available modes are disabled and displayed in grey colours, with tool-tip about the required amount of wins.
0 wins:
Play tutorial
Play with computer

1 win:
Play Similar
Tutorial button replaced with Campaigns button

5 wins:
Play Anyone
Challenge another player
Join Beginners Clash

10 wins:
Join Drafts, Sealeds
Create Custom game
Create custom tournament

30 wins:
Join Zwar Gokken, Shark Tank
Join Battle Drafts

50 wins:
Join Expert Clash
Join any Keep Cards Draft or Sealed

  • Now Expert Clash and Beginners Clash not start when there is only on player joined.

  • When you restart the campaign you do not reset your progress, so you can play any mission any time after completing the campaign.
  • Various changes and fixes in Sylvan campaign.

  • Fixed Yarl Chieftain: crash when it dies uncontrolled
  • Fixed Reanimate : reanimated uncontrolled creatures are now controlled by you
  • Salvage changed: now player gains flux from salvage whenever controller is permanently changed (for example with Mind Transplant)
  • Lost Oasis: fixed possibility to cast it into unrevealed location.

Fixed descriptions of cards:
  • Astridian Geographic Society: Entire map is revealed to all players. (was "to both")
  • Mana Lion: For each flux you spend or lose the Mana Lion gains +1 speed until end of round. For each flux your enemies spend or lose the Mana Lion gains +1 vision until end of round.
  • Return of the Fallen: If any of your Creatures are destroyed they are returned to your hand at the start of the round. (was "at the end")

  • Replaced with in various pages (game chat, story portal, wiki, etc.).
  • Facebook "Like" button on main website page.

Author:  Altren [ Mon May 21, 2012 3:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Change Log

    [Lowered]: ability description clarified: ”Terrain changes one step from Mountain -> Hill -> Flat -> Swamp -> Ocean.”
    [Raised]: ability description clarified: “Terrain changes one step from Ocean -> Swamp -> Flat -> Hill -> Mountain.”
    New game format: ”Free Battle Draft” added into tournaments. Same format as Battle Draft, only for free with exclusively Seed Set cards.
    • Bug when AI did not build towards flux wells fixed (however it still has to see them; that is being worked on).
    • Broken links of several cards in the Battle Log fixed (e.g. Pine Ent, Garrison Ballista, Banner of the OO’Tong Clan).

Card fixes:
    [Skull Catapult]: ability to attack creatures with certain enchantments (such as Psychotic Break) removed.
    [Farizai Shaman]: targeting of enchanted creatures fixed.
    [Yarnaga's Lab Assistant]: ability to manipulate with negative tokens as well added.
    [Early Dawn]: resolve order fixed (e.g. Novice Adventurer gains stat token).
    [Crypt Doctor]: resolve order of Doctor’s ability fixed (i.e. heal follows after sacrifice, e.g. creature will be healed after taking damage from sacrificed Putrid Zombie).
    [Noggel’n Bobbel’n]: is no longer able to target himself.

Card descriptions:
    [Spaf's Greatbow]: added missing: “Can’t melee”.
    [Iron Porcupine]: clarified ability description: “...after it Melees”.
    [Entangle]: when trying to Entangle an Aloft creature an explanatory message is shown: “Can’t target Aloft”

UI fixes:
    • “Join Expert/Beginners Clash” button no longer forwards into a wrong tournament.
    • Failed registration from now on states reason of the failure.
    • Guests are no longer able to send decks, instead they are encouraged to create an account.
    • Several further minor UI fixes.

3D Client:
    • Missing spawn effects for several creatures added.
    • Bug preventing player from re-logging after lost connection fixed.
    • Installer updated.

Author:  Altren [ Mon Jul 02, 2012 12:17 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Change Log

3D Client launcher:
    • Now properly delete old files.
    • Never delete self.
    • Whenever launcher is closed all related processes are stopped (was continuing update even after closed launcher window).
    • Problem with not being able to update self fixed (if you are having any problems with launcher: rename TheFarWildsLauncher.exe in helpers directory to TheFarWildsLauncher2.exe and run it once, remove TheFarWildsLauncherBase.pyc if you have such file there).

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