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 Post subject: Game updated.
 Post Posted: Mon Jul 01, 2013 9:02 pm 
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http://thefarwilds.com/images/changelog_news.pngGame was updated.

  • Client, browser and server overall performance improved.

  • Fixed incorrect count of players online displayed.
  • Fixed empty menus of the right lobby panel (‘Battle Tree’) incorrectly hidden.
  • Fixed flash exception on re-login caused by Scenarios Screen.
  • Fixed card filters in detail view not updated whenever “Own…” filter is changed.
  • Fixed tooltips and availability of the main lobby buttons for guests and 0 win players.
  • Fixed automatic rejection of Challenges when a battle tab is opened.
  • Fixed cards descriptions overlapping cards borders.
  • Fixed cards descriptions using too small font (e.g. Possession).
  • Fixed further minor glitches.
  • Added popup window with new phantoms cards (same as real cards) rather than as a chat message.
  • Added custom progress bar while loading.
  • Added entrance fee information to the “Join [tournament]” buttons.
  • Added various missing tooltips.
  • Removed button for printing domain icons in the chat.

  • Added ignore phantoms option now suppresses new phantom cards pop-up from appearing.
  • Added possibility to select non-creature card as an user avatar.
  • Fixed Borderlands cards icons in avatar selection not displayed.
  • Added "Tab" hot key info.

  • Fixed mouse cursor not changing to a resizing cursor when over borders.
  • Fixed Cyrillic and other characters replaced with question marks.
  • 3d resources repacked to decrease their size and increase loading speed.
It is recommended to download newest installer and reinstall the game rather than simply updating it, as most of the game files were changed.

Browser version:
  • [server] Port 843 is no longer needed to connect.
  • [server] Connection port changed from 6001 to 8080 (less likely to be blocked by firewall).
  • Rendered quality of models improved.

  • [Forest Fire]: ability to enchant the same space twice fixed.
  • [Woven Shadows]: description updated: “put a creature (…) that you have the domain requirements for…”.
  • [Flux Well]: icon {Flux,1} added into description.

  • Fixed bug with the left bottom corner (0,0 space) becoming unfogged.
  • Fixed AI overbuilding when playing other than Dark Legion domains.
  • Fixed Borderlands cards icons in enchantments and taken permanents lists not displayed.
  • Added message about cancelled cards and abilities into the log (e.g. by Dew Mogi, Anti-Magic Shell or Valley Fog).

  • Fixed possibility to create a custom ranked game with AI (supposed to be practice games).
  • Fixed probability of an Odd card in pack (from 18% to 10%).

  • ’Angelscript’ updated to 2.26.2
  • Fixed option to save progress in scenarios for Guests (linked to the Guest’s ID).

  • Links style changed (more common style).

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