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 Post subject: the Journeyman System -- roleplaying for the Far Wilds --
 Post Posted: Tue May 25, 2010 8:24 am 

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I made a code, it is open source. Im an ok coder, I have been making Roleplaying rules systems for over 25 years. Here is one for you.

Role Playing System Type One -- the Far Wilds --

*** A somewhat better arrangement would be to use the tiles in the corners creating a hex map play field, this gives logical tiling for the world map.

a custom map screen acts as the player's menu or part area, this can be a home village, a hut, a back pack or just a simple menu like screen, a camp and inventory

the bottom row holds a set of "icons" to create scripted events, the player does not have a lot of building management, they are going on a journey. Given this, I am defaulting to a set of basic sections and icons based off of the common buildings.
uses a lower bar at the bottom of the map containing a set of special entities to enrich the role-playing experience. This is separated from the rest of the map by a row of 'the nothing'.


player equipments and special items
special building skills

main icon system
The Icon System is abstract, developer will need to code in location specific behaviors.
The Icons also have a default action if nothing is defined. 'Icon Hooks' are set and when they are triggered, causing a set of small code to occur. The system is created by the Journeyman teams, developers using the system implement them. There is also default action, which can be changed if desired. One option is to have each "base skill" grant a card from a short list and add it to the hand, special skills could do the same.

Grove: Life and Nature Actions
example actions: heal damage, gather food
default action: rest and recuperate

Dwarven Hold: Machine/Tool and Brawn Actions
example actions:use level item(lever, switch), combine, push, pry
default action: mend gear

Magma Chamber: Elemental Magic and Spirit
example actions: light fire, spells,commune with spirits
default action: focus

Graveyard: Dark Magic and Death Actions
example actions: commune with dead, turn undead,
default action: attack,

Imperial Keep: Mental Actions and Light Magic
example actions:solve, blessing, pray, barter, convince, (law)
default action: Think (story hint)

Warren: Chaos Magic and Passion
example actions:Rage, destroy, entice, provoke,
default action: Bash?

Items are here, bindweed, etc
an enchantment with a count or tokens would give money.

Ok, so the bottom row is a menu built out of buildings, or it could just be land tiles, or it could be enchantments, the key is to establish some actions, Rest, Use, Attack, 'think', and Magic are easy to see.
Stuff on the far left can be things like Class skills, or earned badges. One special item of great use is the main map, which would be represented by a screen, previously visited screens could be traveled to just by clicking on them.

a dialog system for talking to npcs, there is the info box and i is fine for now
a simple yes no choice would be excellent

Here is the basic frame of the code for now, Im adding more all the time, it is open source (of course). I will be doing what I can but I will be doing most of the rules and system work first.

#include 157
#include 126

void configGame()
  //ok lots to do in here, we need to set our screen size up,
// create vars, populate arrays etc, all kinds of stuff

void beforeStart()


void afterStart()


void onNewRound()


//special functions

void buildMenu()
//fill icons from game status list
//fill bar of 'the nothing'

void saveState()
//room id ?
//all our data gets saved for room transitions, screen changes etc

void buildRoom()
//all the basic map codes

//Icon action stubbs
void pressGrove(){}
void pressHall(){}
void pressWarren(){}
void pressChamber(){}
void pressKeep(){}
void pressGraveyard(){}

void countMoney(){}
void doPlayerStatus(){}
void pressSpecial1(){}
void pressSpecial2(){}

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