The Far Wilds

Celestial Imperium

Under the banner of their god, these knights in shining armor ride forth to vanquish the hated enemies of the Celestial Imperium.

After the cataclysm, most of humanity migrated to a single kingdom called Cor Mollion, now called the Celestial Imperium, to escape the deleterious effects of the flux. They built an enormous wall around themselves and have remained cloistered there ever since, until a recent shift in the political winds made it part of the Empire’s agenda to not only defend itself but to seek out, to conquer and even to colonize the Wilds. Under the banner of their god, Xosa, knights errant have begun to ride the trails of the unknown world once more.

With uniquely human efficiency, the Celestial Imperium fields large numbers of well-trained soldiers, and the siege weapons that have repelled intruders to their walled kingdom for so long now serve them in an offensive capacity as well. The Imperium has a little of every strategy available to it; infantry, cavalry and archers are backed by healers, priests and psychics. For all its forthrightness, the Imperium employs a fair few tricks as well, and with divine magic on their side, they are quite formidable, even far from the fortress that they call home.