The Far Wilds

Welcome to the Far Wilds!

You are a warlord in the outskirts of the known world struggling to establish a kingdom in the wild lands. You must use strategy and wits to establish yourself and not be pushed back further into the wilderness.

Q. What?

A. That's right.

Q. Can we sell our cards outside of the game on for example ebay?

A. Yes. The cards are yours. You can trade them, sell them, loan them in any way that is possible for a virtual object.

Q. When is the next set going to be released?

A. We don’t have a set release schedule at this point. But soon…

Q. How much is it to play the game?

A. The game is free to play. You can always play games with the default armies. You can buy gold that can be used to buy cards of your own. Gold can also be won by playing in tournaments, drafts, or leagues.

Q. How does the ranking system work?

A. The rank numbers calculated with this method: . The number in parentheses is the uncertainty..

Q. Will it be translated into other languages?

A. Yes we have plans to do this but it wont be until after the next set is released.