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 Post subject: Game updated.
 Post Posted: Thu Jul 04, 2013 7:22 pm 
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http://thefarwilds.com/images/changelog_news.pngNow you can sell cards to server and buy phantom cards for acorns.

  • Added option to select new phantoms domain, that domain is used whenever phantom card is given.
  • Added Phantom filter to Army tab; now it is possible to: show Phantom cards, show only Phantom, or hide Phantom cards.
  • Added option to purchase Phantom Pack (150 Acorns) and Phantom cards (at latest Market price, in acorns).
  • Added daily and weekly Acorn reward for winning games: 5 wins/day = 20 acorns, 25 wins/week = 140 acorns. (Planned gold reward for weekly wins).
  • Added option to sell cards to the server when there are no bids on the Market (1g for Common, 5g for Uncommon and Odd, 20g for Rare), maximum 5 cards per day.

  • Display "Watch" button instead of "Join" for tournaments when minimum-wins restriction prevents you from playing.
  • Display first new card instead of blank card in new cards popup.
  • Display fog instead of blank card in battle screen at start.
  • Display "End Turn" instead of "Pass" when pressing it would cause the turn to end.
  • Filter bar is always expanded now and filters display names on mouseover.
  • Improved card buying dialog in market.
  • Slightly improved gold indicator layout, added tooltips.
  • Fixed "Your Army is set." being displayed in tournament even when you can't select an army due to wins limit.
  • Fixed issue of text tags not ignoring spaces (e.g. both {C,Lysis} and {C, Lysis} work now).
  • Fixed games against AI being displayed as two games in battles list.
  • Fixed "Betting Action!" being displayed for invalid bets (zero or negative values).

Browser version:
  • Added option to disable hex grid display.
  • Improved battle-terrain quality.
  • Improved controlled-territory display.
  • Improved target-hex action-selection markers.
  • Fixed negative vision and range circles being displayed.

Client version:
  • Improved icon quality.

  • Reveal hand to all allies in team battles.
  • Added option to reveal hand and map vision to watchers.
  • Fixed issue with Warren not autodrawing.
  • Fixed issue with team battles not revealing map properly to watchers.
  • Fixed Pass All + Unpass All allowing a player to act when the round should have ended.

  • Added Handicap scenario, which allows flux-per-round and glory-per-round handicaps to be set for each player.
  • Fixed issue with the "void fogMap()" script command not obscuring map to watchers.

  • Added regular cleanup of invalid market Asks and Bids (every 24 hours).
  • Fixed issue with tournaments closing when last player leaves before tournament start (Expert Clash and Beginners Clash will no longer disappear).
  • Fixed issue with default tournaments (Free Draft, Free Sealed, Zwar Gokken, etc.) closing and not re-spawning.
  • Fixed issue allowing Warrens and Imperial Keeps to be traded.

 Post subject: Re: Game updated.
 Post Posted: Sun Jul 07, 2013 7:13 pm 
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A breath taking list indeed!

You're really going at it <3

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