The Far Wilds

How to play...

The Far Wilds can be somewhat confusing when you first start playing. Here are a few points that should help you understand the game.

Constructed Tournaments

These games are about Army building strategy, synergies between cards and combos.

In these tournaments you bring an army that you have made with your own cards. Your army must have at least 40 cards and not more than 3 of any one card. These can either be single or double elimination. If single elimination then if you lose one battle you are out. If double elimination you are out if you lose two battles.

Prizes: Constructed Deck Tournaments often have an entry fee to join. Every player's entry fee minus 10% is added to the prize pool. Often there is bonus gold added to the prize pool by us. The prize pool is divided between the top 3 finishers. First place gets 70%, second place gets 20%, and third gets 10%. So for example in an 8 person tournament with a 10 gold fee and 100 bonus. The prize pool would be 172 gold. So First place would get 121 gold, Second place 34 gold, Third 17 gold.