The Far Wilds

How to play...

The Far Wilds can be somewhat overwhelming when you first start playing. Here are a few points that should help you understand the game.

Playing for Free

There are many ways to play the Far Wilds for free.

You can play with the default decks as much as you like. If that starts to get old you can play Sealed Games or Drafts . Both of these will give you a random collection of cards for you to make your own decks with.

Many people only play free Sealed games and never bother to collect their own cards. Playing Sealed or Drafts is the best way to play if you want to play for free since there is a ton of variety and every player is on equal footing.


If you are interested in collecting your own cards then you probably need to get good at the ladder. Every player is automatically involved in the ladder. The ladder awards phantom cards as prizes to the people that did the best that week. Ladder games are played against simliar players so people of all skill levels have an equal shot at winning the ladder. You can use these phantoms to make a good deck and start winning the Expert Clash.

Expert Clash Tournaments happen every 8 hours. These tournaments have 7 power prize pool. They are free to enter and anyone can play in them. You can use any deck you have made from the default decks or phantoms you have collected. The competition is tough during certain hours of the day but if you can make the less active times you have a really good shot at winning.

Power can be sold to other players or used to enter Keep Cards Draft or Domain League. Both of which you get real cards and can also win gold.

If this process seems too slow you can spend $3 which should be enough to get you a workable deck. Here is the best way to do this .


This should keep you occupied for awhile. Once you are looking for the next step check out How to Go Infinite .