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Wherever the flux touched the winds and the waves and the sands and the dust, up rose the Elementals. They are figures of legend in every culture in the modern era; sorcerers, Djinni, the raw embodiments of light and magic and fluctuations in current that are the spirits of the forces of the world and the weather. Who knows the Elementals? They can be anything, and often, are.

In fire and sand and briny spray these wild forces of nature descend like storms to strike their foes, and, just as quickly, they may vanish back to their abstract planes. The lesser entities called the Mogis are brimming with tricks, and the greater elemental spirits are often outright majestic in their powers. Capable of generating catastrophe on a whim and altering the fabric of reality itself, the Elementals do not merely control the weather- they are wind and rain and wildfire; always spectacular, and always dangerous.

The Elemental starer deck army is Sand and Sea.


Elementals are strong, but need to properly played. Many Elementals require flux to activate their true powers, and the many varying abilities means there is no one way to truly run an Elemental Deck.

Keep in mind what kind of deck you're trying to play with when using elemental. Staples like Dew Mogi, Mogi Nest, and Cinder Mogi are always welcome, but more specific cards means more cooperation within your deck. Dust Devils require lots of desert to maneuver properly, so an Arid Encroachment can help you here. On the other hand, if you want to dominate by use of the ocean, pack cards like Flash Flood, Chambered Reef, and Gruthlun Tempest. If you want quick expansion and domain, get some Vapor Mahals, Reroutes, and Halls of Mist. Want more flux instead? Then use Scorched Horizons and similar cards to gain flux and unleash your wrath with cards like Epicenter and Pillar of Flame.

In most games, your best bet is to stick with whatever crazy strategy you have. There are many elemental strategies, but this guide will provide a basic idea of a good style.

Early Game is extremely dependent with your style. Your best bet is to open up with Mud Mogi or Sleet Mogi as your scout, since they're hard to kill with their abilities. If you plan to do something else, the best plan is to play Vapor Mahals, since you can easily get to three domain with them and add other buildings in your borders to make your temporary borders permanent.

Mid Game is basically where your strategy plays out. 2 domain cards in elemental are generally very purpose specific,but it's good to have a Thunderhead Reach to expand and grab flux wells and an undimming card (Cinder Mogi, Erg Geyser, Abrixan Sparker) to keep creatures pepped. Consider having a Flame Ent out because they have 4 attack, which is pretty high for a 2 domain creature. Continue pushing forward with your strategy and have a plan B ready if your plan gets disrupted at this point.

Late Game should have your strategy fleshed out and you solidly gaining glory. If not, try to get powerhouses like Kaikias out so you can cripple you opponent and grab those flux wells! As this point, keep your plan steady and keep protecting it with cards like Refracting Mist and Dew Mogi.

As stated before, Elemental has many unique strategies and therefore there is no one true strategy to follow. Always protect cards essential to your plan with other creatures and spell/enchant support, and don't let your opponent get in the way to much.


Disrupt whatever plan your opponent has. Even though you will most likely be playing a deck that is not meant to counter your opponent's, adjust your own plan accordingly and try to figure out what you should prevent from happening before it's too late. Don't let the more impressive fighters like Mud Mogi faze you, as a Lysis/Ascent can easily deal with it. Spells like Reroute can steal Flux Wells from you, and there are players who will use Benefits of Spectacle and cast as many spells as they can, so don't let them! When you're fighting against terrain decks, mess up the terrain so they can't use it the way they need too. Against a domain turbo, target the Vapor Mahals mercilessly and don't let any big cards come out. Against a flux gain deck, force your opponent to waste flux or destroy it yourself with cards like Dispel Flux. Once you've managed to figure out and counter the plan, strike quickly to prevent your opponent from rebuilding and reviving their bags of tricks, because a good Elemental player normally will have a plan B that involves fierce counterattacks with heavy hitters like Flame Ent and Water Weird. And always be wary when your opponent still has flux left, because a Cloudburst might be coming your way.