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How to Play The Far Wilds

Battle Screen
Player Status
Turn System

The Far Wilds is a dynamic turn-based game. You create an army (a deck of cards) to battle your opponents, destroy their armies, control flux wells, gain glory, and win the game.

Each player has an army (deck of cards) that they bring into battle. Your army is composed of various cards that you pick out before the battle begins. You Build your deck in the Army Building Screen. Once you start a battle players take turns moving units and playing cards until both players pass. Then the new round begins and you can move your units and play cards again.

The object of the game is to be the first player to reach 20 Glory. There are many cards that allow you to gain Glory in various ways. The most common way to gain glory is to control more Flux Wells than your opponents. The person that controls the most Flux Wells at the end of any round gains 2 Glory.

Quick Video Tutorial

The Far Wilds website has an excellent How to Play Guide


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Getting Started

If you haven't already, downloaded and install the game. Watch the Quick Video Tutorial.

The login screen:

Login Screen

You can register for an account when you first start the game. Registering will automatically sign you up for an account on the forums.

The Lobby

The Lobby

This is the screen you see once you log into the game. At the top you have three main tabs: Lobby, Army, and Market. The lobby is the main place to see all events. The left side shows the name of everyone who is logged on. Clicking on their name will pop up a menu where you can either send them a private message or trade with them. The center of the screen is the chat screen. On the right side you have a list of all games currently being played or waiting for a player (seen as a Join link next to a game). You can play the computer by clicking the Join link by the vs. Computer under the Special section.

The Market

The market is where you buy packs, starter decks, singles, or sell your cards. cards of your own. Gold is the currency of The Far Wilds. The fastest way to get gold is through the Purchase gold button. That will take you to a screen were you can buy gold. Another way is to participate in Tournaments to gain Power, which an be used to enter Keep Cards and Domain Leagues or sold to other players. Once you have 150 gold you can buy a pack of 15 cards. Every pack of cards you buy will pop a window (see above image) and comes with 1 rare, 3 uncommon, and 11 common cards.

The Army

Army Builder

This is where the magic of The Far Wilds happens. Once you have acquired packs of cards of your own you can build a deck.

On the left side of the screen you have the cards that you own. The right side is the list of cards you have picked to be in a deck. The top area is explained below.


Left to right: You can sort the ways you see the cards you have by types: Name, Domain, Type, and Level. This gives you different ways to see what you have. The next is another way for you to separate your cards out. You have the Unaligned, Sylvan, Mountain Folk, Dark Legion, and Elemental domains. Then you go to the type of card: Spells, Buildings, Enchantments, and Creatures. The last set of numbers is the tier of domain, or how many of the domains you must have out on the field to play the card. The last set of buttons deal with saving, copying, or deleting decks that you have made.

One of the things you may want to know how to look for is the rarity of a card. You can see this by the color of the small circle in the upper right side of your card.


Now that you have the basics to the game, the last thing you need to know is the actual combat. For the rules and playing the game itself, refer to the Quick Video Tutorial and the How To page. Before you create your own army try the default ones, they are very balanced and have good cards in them. You will be given rewards of cards and gold when you win battles, which will help you create your very own custom made army.

Good luck all! See you on the battlefield.



There are several domains that you can construct your army from. There are 3 levels of expertise for each domain. Everyone starts the game with no levels in any domain. The higher the level you gain in a particular domain the more powerful cards you will be able to play from that domain. There are many ways to gain levels in a particular domain. The most common way is to build buildings that give you a level in that domain. For example each Grove you build will give you another level in the Sylvan domain.

<<add picture of domain building>>

Here is an example of a building card which gives domain


Buildings are very important in The Far Wilds. They give you control of flux wells, domain to use more powerful cards, they act as bases for your armies to enter the battlefield, and they give you glory to win the game. Not all buildings do all these things: some can not act as a base and you will not be able to summon creatures next to them, while others will not give any domain.

Buildings have attributes like creatures. Some buildings can move around and even attack other figures, but most buildings are stationary and cannot fight back. Buildings give you control of the area that they can see. Once you build a building, the area around it will be outlined in your color, and if there are any flux wells in that area they will start producing flux for you to use. Building more buildings makes a larger area of control based on their Vision (see Cards).

Buildings can normally be built in any space that you can see. Only a few special buildings may be built in ocean spaces. If you play a building in a space you don't control that building isn't created immediately, it is placed as a construction site (if you don't control any territory, for example in the very beginning of the game or if you have lost all buildings, construction sites will complete instantly). Construction Sites take 4 rounds to complete, they start with 4 tokens and lose a token at the end of every turn if they did not take damage from enemy creatures or spells. Also, Construction Sites don't leave ruins when they are destroyed.

The Cards

Several cards are listed in the wiki and may be found here. You may also use Veratileladamri's card-search utility here.