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You will be rewarded for winning (and sometimes even for losing) battles and completing campaigns. Some rewards will be given only once to a given player and some are reoccurring.

One-time rewards
Achievement Reward
Going halfway through tutorial 30 acorns
Finishing the tutorial 10 gold
Going halfway through a campaign 30 acorns
Finishing a campaign 10 gold and 5 commons (specific to each campaign, see below)
Having won 10 battles in total Alabaster Pantheon
Having won 30 battles in total Astridian Diplomat
Having won 50 battles in total 20 gold
Having won 100 battles in total 20 gold

Repeatable rewards
Achievement Reward
Getting 5 wins in a day 20 acorns
Getting 25 wins in a week 10 gold
Winning another player in a ranked match 10 acorns and a random phantom card of a domain of your choosing
Losing a ranked match 1 acorn
Winning against computer 1 acorn

Other rewards

Invite other players into game and gain additional 10% of gold they would ever buy. To invite player post this link and those who will register through it will be invited by you. (replace Altren at the end by your user name).

Campaigns rewards cards

Sylvan campaign reward:

 Buildings: (1x)
  1x Emerald Spring
 Creatures: (3x)
  1x Elven Scout
  1x Mosslight Slor
  1x Sapling
 Enchants: (1x)
  1x Sparrow Scouts

Dark Legion campaign reward:

 Buildings: (1x)
  1x Altar of Ix
 Creatures: (2x)
  1x Red Imp
  1x Carrion Feeder
 Enchants: (2x)
  1x Fear
  1x Psychic Parasite

Mountain Folk campaign reward:

 Buildings: (1x)
  1x Earthworks
 Creatures: (3x)
  1x Stone Mason
  1x Constable of Glorn
  1x Home Guard
 Spells: (1x)
  1x Volcano

(possible reward) Elemental campaign reward:

 Creatures: (3x)
  1x Prodigal Entropene
  1x Dirt Bully
  1x Mud Mogi
 Enchants: (1x)
  1x Weather Vane
 Spells: (1x)
  1x Hailstorm