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Turn System

The Far Wilds turn system is a little different than most games.

The game is divided into Rounds. During a Round each player takes turns performing Actions.

An Action can be playing a card, moving a creature or a special ability of a building, creature or enchantment.

If you don't want to do an action or you are done with all your Actions hit "Pass" on the player status. This will pass your action. If all players pass their actions sequentially it will end the current Round.

When a Round is over, end of round actions are taken starting with the the oldest entity going to the newest. Start of round actions are taken from oldest to newest and all the entities undim unless specified otherwise, Flux is produced and 2 Glory points are assigned to the player that controls the most Flux Points. The player who was the first to pass in the previous round goes first in the new round.

The game continues until one player has at least 20 Glory at the start of the round and is not tied with other players. Getting 20 glory in the middle of round doesn't gives you a victory, you can win only at the start of round by having enough glory.

To speed up the game there is an option that allows you to prepare an action while it is the other players turn. This action doesn't happen immediately but waits until the other player acts before the action is sent.