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Flux & Flux Wells:

Dwarven Hall, Flux Well and Area controlled by you.

Flux is a measure of magical energy that you use to cast spells and pay for other effects such as special abilities. Every player gains 2 flux before start of every Round.

Flux Wells are special objects on map. You can gain extra Flux by controlling Flux Wells. Flux Wells are controlled by the player that controls the space the Flux Well is in. Each Flux Well you control also gives you 1 flux a Round.

The person that controls the most Flux Wells at the start of any round gains 2 Glory.

There are also other methods to get flux through cards like Scorched Horizons and Ord Stone, as well as cards that drain flux like Psychic Parasite. Other cards like Gleb's Scavenger Hunt and Tap the Flux Line can move and create new flux wells, giving new opportunities to gain flux.