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There are 4 basic kinds of Tournaments in the Far Wilds; Constructed Deck, Sealed Deck, Drafts and Leagues. You can make any type of tournament yourself except for Leagues which only we can start.


Constructed Deck

These games are about Army building strategy, synergies between cards and combos.

In these tournaments you bring an army that you have made with your own cards. Your army must have at least 40 cards and not more than 3 of any one card. These can either be single or double elimination. If single elimination then if you lose one battle you are out. If double elimination you are out if you lose two battles.

Prizes: Constructed Deck Tournaments often have an entry fee to join. Every player's entry fee minus 10% is added to the prize pool. Often there is bonus gold added to the prize pool by us. The prize pool is divided between the top 3 finishers. First place gets 70%, second place gets 20%, and third gets 10%. So for example in an 8 person tournament with a 10 gold fee and 100 bonus. The prize pool would be 172 gold. So First place would get 121 gold, Second place 34 gold, Third 17 gold.

Sealed Deck

Sealed is about scraping together the best deck from limited resources. You must make do with not the most powerful cards but know that your enemies are also constrained.

In Sealed Tournaments each player is given 5 packs from which to build their army. Each player will end up with different cards. You then have a little while to build an army from these cards. Your army must be at least 25 cards and can contain any cards that you got in your packs. Once each player has submitted their army the play proceeds like a Constructed Deck tournament.

Again these can be either single or double elimination.

The prize payout is the same as Constructed Deck.


Drafts are about being able to size up the relative strength of cards and dynamical evolve your Army strategy.

Draft Tournaments start with a drafting phase. Each player is shown a pack of cards and picks a card from this pack to be in their draft collection. After they pick a card that pack is rotated to the next player and they get a new pack to choose from. The packs rotate around until all 15 cards are picked. Then a new pack is given to each player and the process repeats. You open 3 packs this way. Once you have picked your 45 cards you build your Army. Your Army must be at least 25 cards and can have any of the cards you drafted. Once each player has submitted their army the play proceeds like a Constructed Deck tournament.

Again these can be either single or double elimination.

The prize payout is the same as Constructed Deck.


Leagues generally last 3 or 4 weeks. When you join a league you are given 5 packs of cards and several base buildings for each domain. You can then make an Army from these cards. The only requirement is that you have at least 25 cards in your League Army. You can have more than 3 of a particular card in a league Army if you were lucky enough to get them in your League collection.

You can build any number of armies from your league collection and you can change your armies at any point.

Once you have constructed your army you save it and return to the player list screen. Then you select the Army you want to use from the drop down. You will be randomly assigned to play anyone else who is also wanting to play a league game.

Each week in the league you can play a certain number of games usually around 8. You can play a particular person no more than 2 times. And the end of the week you will get a new pack of cards added to your collection. You can then improve your league Armies.

You get 3 points for any game you win in the League and 1 point for any game you lose. After you have played your games for the week you can still play a few tiebreaker games. You get 1 tiebreaker point for a win and -1 tiebreaker point for a loss.

Prizes in Leagues: Leagues have an entry fee to join. When the league is over all the entry fees minus 10% are collected into the "prize pool". So if the entry fee was 10 gold and 50 people joined the league the prize pool would be 450 gold. This prize pool is divided among the top finishers of the league.

Domain Leagues

These are like normal leagues except you only get 3 packs to start with. You pick a certain domain you want to play and all your packs will be made up of cards from that domain.