Fear (Ability)

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Non-Construct Creatures of a different domain can't move within X spaces of the source of Fear or move closer to source of Fear if inside this radius.

Fear is an ability that some Entities have.

Since the most used one is Fear(1) that's what used as an example here too. Fear makes the Creatures too scared to move closer to the source of the fear, and the higher the number, the more scary the source is and the further away you must stay to not get to scared.

The number says how many spaces the fear effects takes effect.

Also remember that if Creature already inside fear radius it can move around if it is not moving closer to fear source. Here is example:

  • Dwarven Warrior can't attack Hell Cat because he is trying to move closer to haunt to attack it.
  • Craig Scout can attack Hell Cat because he is trying to attack Cat in space that is at same distance from Haunt as current Scout's space. BUt he can't attack Haunt because he can't move closer to it.

Fear Example.png