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What is Gold?

Gold is currency in The Far Wilds. You can purchase Gold from the Market Section, using Amazon payments, that accept all major credit cards. With gold you can buy cards on the market, buy Starter Packs in the Market Section or use it to enter the various Tournaments that The Far Wilds has to offer. (Some Tournaments are totally free to play.)

How do I get an Avatar/Profile Picture?

Go to 'Options' in the top right corner of the interface. There is a drop down menu next to 'Avatar' where you will be able to select your desired picture.

What is a Default card?

When you register an account, you are given three different pre-made armies from three different domains (Default DarkLegion, Default MountainFolk and Default Sylvan), together with five Basic Buildings from all domains, including the other three currently existing domains (Elemental, Celestial Imperium and Horde of Chaos). Default cards, unlike Phantom cards and cards that you have bought, can’t be sold or traded. You can tell that a card is a Default Card by the fact that it is greyed out and has no expiry date. The exception to this rule is Default buildings which have their normal colour.

Except for these differences, Default cards work in much the same way as other cards. Hence, you can include any variety of them in your decks (given that they adhere to the normal deck rules for each format), including the deck with which you enter the Expert Clash.

Why are some of the cards in my army are grey? / What is a Phantom card?

A Phantom card is a card that it is greyed out and can’t be traded or sold. It has an expiry date. When you receive a Phantom card, you will have it for X number of days, after which it is deleted from your army. You can acquire Phantom cards by playing on the weekly Ladder or by playing the computer (SarsAI). After each win you acquire one Phantom card and if you are fortunate enough to be ranked at the top of the Ladder before it resets, you acquire 60 Phantom cards.

You can include any variety of Phantom cards in your decks (given that they adhere to the normal deck rules for each format), including the deck with which you enter the Expert Clash.

Is this game really free to play?

It is possible to create entire decks from just phantoms. If you don't have that kind of time, so using money to buy gold is a way to get permanent cards you can build a solid deck around.

You can play regular free tournaments with gold prizes, but winning gold this way is relatively slow.

Also you can play Tournaments formats for free such as Draft or Sealed and you don't need to own any cards for this.

Why are there no Elemental, Celestial Imperium, and Chaos Default Armies?

Mainly due to two factors:

  • No one has designed such a deck yet.
  • It would affect the market values of the cards used to build those default decks.

What is the difference between the on-line version and the download version?

Mainly better graphics and smarter computer. Also it is slightly faster and doesn't require to download images unlike browser version, that download card image whenever you see one.

What's a Ladder Rank?

A ladder rank is a weekly rank (separate from your in-game rank) that resets on certain days. You can increase your ladder rank by playing in Similar Player matches, and battling Similar Players (Players whose names are green) in Anyone Matches. Your ladder rank is always displayed on the top right corner of the screen along with your gold. You can click on you ladder rank (leftmost number) to display the top ranking ladder players. If your name is on the list, you will get a few phantom cards when the ladder rank resets.

Why are some of the names in the lobby green/red?

Red indicates a player currently in a game. As a result, you can't challenge them.

Green indicates a player that has a similar rank, and therefore if you battle this person in a similar player or another player battle, it affects your ladder rank.

Do I HAVE to limit my deck to 40 cards?

No, but it's for your own good. Bigger deck sizes are harder to process in tournaments and slow the creation process down. Also bigger decks mean smaller chances to draw cards you may need in certain situations.

However, if you're still new to deck creating, don't be too afraid to bypass the limit. It may help you discover a playing style you like.

My card just did something it didn't say it would. What should I do?

Report it in the Bug Thread in the forum. There a lot of friendly players there that will help you out in a few days with responses.

Why is the AI so easy?

Check to make sure your AI is on normal difficulty. Otherwise, it's good to practice on where there are no battle-willing players.

I want to change/set my email address for password recovery. What should I do?

Visit this page and use your login/password used in game: http://www.thefarwilds.com/forum/ucp.php?i=profile&mode=reg_details

There you can set email.

Keep in mind that you not provided email during registration and lost your password there might be problematic to recover your account (contact Altren in game or mail to altren@thfarwilds.com).