Global Functions

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Global functions can be called from anywhere in your scripts.

Entity createEntity( string CardName, int x_coord, int y_coord, Player controller );
Entity createEntity( string CardName,Location loc, Player controller );
Entity createEntity( string CardName,Location loc );

Location createLocation( int x, int y );

int getMapWidth();
int getMapHeight();

Player getAIPlayer( int index );

Player getHumanPlayer( int index );

void setTerrain( Location loc, int topo, int veg );
int getTopo( Location loc );
int getVeg( Location loc );
// topo: OCEAN=1, SOGGY=2, FLAT=3, HILLS=4, MOUNTAIN=5
// veg: DESERT=1 ,GRASS=2 ,TREES=3

Entity getFigure( Location loc );

void forEachEntity();
// call entityCallback() once for each Entity in the game.

void enchantEntity( Entity toEnchant, string enchantName, Player enchantController );

void endGame( Player winner );

void flipTheScript( int scriptID );
// changes what script is being used for the game
// doesn't preserve global variables yet

int rand( int max );
// return an integer from 0 to max-1

bool randChance( float chance );
// return true with probability equal to chance

void infoBox( string title, string text );
// display text in a pop up box to all the players

void statusMsg( Player from, string msg );
// Prints a message from a player in the battle log. 
// just pass an empty player to make the message from the server

void wipeEffect();

void fogMap();
// All spaces are returned to deep fog for all players

void lightFog(Player player,int x1 ,int y1,int x2,int y2);
// sets the a range of spaces to light fog. A box from x1,y1 to x2,y2 
// wont have any effect if called in configGame or beforeStart

// Functions for persisting data from game to game for a particular user
// Talk to Altren or Grug if you want to use these
// this is not going to work until campaigns are manually registered by Altren or Grug
int getCampID();
void saveData(Player,int key,int value);
int loadData(Player,int key);