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The scripts you write interact with the game via a collection of hook functions. These functions are called by the game at the appropriate times and execute your code. Hook Timeline


void configGame(); 
// Sets up the game state such as # of players, Map Size, if they need to set a deck or not, etc
Config Functions

bool isDeckValid(Player player);
// if you want to implement non-standard deck requirements
// use statusMsg to tell them why their deck is invalid

void beforeStart(); 
// Do things here before any action. Place creatures and buildings, change their decks etc.

bool duringStart();
// return true if you want the normal fog
// Should only need this to change the starting fog.

void afterStart();
// Send any welcome messages here

void onNewRound();
// called after all the new round events

void onPlayersTurn(Player player);
bool entityCallback(Entity entity)
// called for each entity in the game if you call forEachEntity();

void onDialogResponse(Player player,int resp);

bool canPass(Player player);
// called when the real players try to pass.
// This is so you can ensure they do a particular action before passing.

bool canAct(Player player,Action action);

void afterAction(Action action);