The Far Wilds

How to Play...

The Far Wilds can be somewhat confusing when you first start playing. Here are a few points that should help you understand the game.


Here you see a Thistle Falcon. It is an Aloft Creature. This means it flies above the battle field and while flying can only be meleed by other Aloft Figures. If an Aloft Figure melees a creature on the ground then it is no longer flying and can be attacked by other Ground Figures until the end of the round.

This is a Thistle Falcon that has meleed something on the ground. It can now be attacked by other ground figures.

Aloft Figures can be shot by ranged figures. See combat for the distinction between melee and ranged attacks.

Aloft figures still fill the space so the space can't be occupied by any other Figure. Aloft Figures can move past enemy ground Figures. Enemy ground figures can move past Aloft Figures.