The Far Wilds

Welcome to the Far Wilds!

You are a warlord in the outskirts of the known world struggling to establish a kingdom in the wild lands. You must use strategy and wits to establish yourself and not be pushed back further into the wilderness.


Adjacent: Any of the six spaces next to the given space and also the space itself. The same as all spaces within a distance of 1.
Area of Control: Each player has an area of control. Your area of control is generally determined by your buildings.
Attack: An Attack is either a Melee Attack or a Ranged Attack.
Base: This is where you can build your creatures.
Battle Back: When Figure A melees Figure B, Figure B is given the chance to attack Figure A back even if Figure B normally wouldn't be able to move there. It can only Battle back if it is undimmed though.
For example a Driftwood Golem in an ocean attacks an Axe Captain. Normally the Axe Captain can't attack the Golem because it can't move to an ocean. But since the Golem attacked first the Axe Captain is allowed to retaliate.
Building: Buildings effect your Area of Control. They give you control over any space they can see. Some buildings also give you Levels of Domain and some you need to build your creatures by.
Construction Site: When a building is placed outside of your Area of Control it first becomes a construction site. Construction Sites take 3 Rounds to turn into a building. If a construction site takes damage it doesn't progress that round. Construction Sites don't leave ruins when they are destroyed.
Corpse: When a Creature is Destroyed or Sacrificed it becomes a corpse.
Creature: This is a character or creature that can move around the map. Generally they can move or attack and sometimes they have special abilities.
Destroy: Entity is removed from the game. Any effect that happens on Destroy is triggered. For example when Creatures are destroyed they create a Corpse.
Dim: When an Entity is Dimmed it generally means the Thing has already acted this Round and must wait till next Round to act again.
Domain: There are 4 Domains in the Far Wilds; Sylvan, Dark Legion, Elementals, and Mountain Folk. Domain Level is a measure of how much a player can use a particular Domain. Most cards require a certain Domain Level to be able to play them.
Enchantment: These modify the behavior of Figures, Spaces on the map or the entire world. Enchantments on Figures are removed from the game if the figure is removed from the game.
Entity: This is any Creature, Building, Enchantment, Corpse or Ruin that exists in the World. Cards in your hand are not Entities.
Figure: This is either a Creature or a Building. Only one figure can occupy a space at a time.
Flux: This is a measure of magical energy. It is used to cast cards and do other things within the game. Each player gets 2 Flux a Round and a Flux for each Flux Point they control.
Flux Point: These are sources of Flux. They give one Flux to the controller of the space they are in.
Glory: This is a measure of how well players are doing in the game. Each player has some number of Glory. Generally the first player to reach 20 glory wins the game.
Heal: Figure's HP are brought up to the figures Max HP.
Living: A Creature that isn't Undead, a Demon or a Construct.
Melee: A hand to hand attack against another Figure. In order to melee another Figure the attacking Figure must be able to move into the space of its victim. Anytime a Figure melees it becomes vulnerable to Battle Back.
Round: When a player is done with his actions he passes. When all the players have passed a new round begins. After every round each player gets Flux, Figures with less than 1 HP are Destroyed, Entities undim, etc.
Ruin: When a Building is Destroyed or Sacrificed it becomes a ruin.
Sacrifice: Entity you control is removed from the game. Effects that happen on destroy are not triggered.
Undim: Entity isn't dimmed. Meaning it can still perform actions this Round that will dim the Entity. For example a Creature that is undimmed can still move or attack.


Aloft: Figure flies. It can't be the target of melee attacks from ground creatures unless it has made a melee attack on a ground creature this Round.
Aquatic: Figure can move in water spaces and will take 2 damage if it is on a land space at the end of a round.
Armor(X): Figure takes X less damage from every attack.
Battle Ready: If Figure is Meleed it will deal damage to the attacker equal to its attack.
Foreststride: Figure has no movement penalty to move through Forest.
Fear (X): No non-construct Creature of a different Domain will move within X spaces of Figure with Fear.
Heal (X): Figure regains X Health at the end of every round.
Hover: Figure's move is not effected by terrain.
Isolation(X): Figure can't use any abilities if it is within X spaces of another Figure.
Mountainstride: Figure has no movement penalty to move through mountains.
Reload (X): Anytime this Figure is undimmed at the end of the round it gets a reload counter. If it becomes dimmed it looses all reload counters. It can't attack unless it has X reload counters.
Swims: Figure can move on land or water spaces. Water spaces cost 2 speed to move across.